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In this eye-opening piece, authors Tony Orlowski and Ken Chapman shed light on a new perspective in organizational safety, advocating that adherence to OSHA regulations should be a foundation, not the endpoint. They stress that while regulatory compliance is critical, cultivating a safety-centric culture within the organization is even more vital for the ultimate well-being of its employees.

The authors introduce the concept of a 'Safe to Keep Me Safe' culture, where employees actively uphold safety measures for their well-being and that of their colleagues. Leadership has a crucial role in fostering a workplace safety culture and providing unwavering support for employees who prioritize safety, while concurrently addressing behaviors that pose a risk to this culture.

Orlowski and Chapman also highlight the necessity of considering employees as equal partners in maintaining a safe work environment. This shift in responsibility is portrayed not as an evasion of corporate duty, but rather as a strategic step towards achieving superior safety outcomes by fostering a shared responsibility towards safety within the organization.


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