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Ken Chapman, Ph.D.

Founder & Partner 

Ken Chapman, Ph.D.

Ken Chapman, Ph.D., is the Founder and Senior Partner of Ken Chapman & Associates, Inc. Along with more than forty years of consulting, Dr. Chapman brings the following experiences to client service: supermarket bag-boy, frontline supervisor, corporate vice president, and university professor. As a consultant Dr. Chapman focuses on heavy industry having provided leadership and team development in more than 400 electric generating stations, foundries, paper mills, refineries and manufacturing facilities.

Dr. Chapman is a graduate of Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia and Columbia University in New York.

He is the author of several other books including: The Leader’s Code, The Shoulders of Giants, Personality: Making The Most Of It, The Respectable Fish, and Small Town Graces.

He and his wife make their home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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