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Co-authors of the book, Safety Beyond The Numbers, Ken Chapman and Tony Orlowski have spent a combined 80+ years working inside industrial settings in the US, Canada, Mexico, and on multiple continents.

Dr. Chapman is a 40+ year industrial psychologist whose career has been spent working in heavy industry (factories, power generation plants, etc.) and Tony Orlowski, an engineer-turned-foundry executive whose career has always been at the front lines of heavy industry.
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About the SafePath Seminar

A fast-paced, interactive, two-day residential, safety leadership seminar that will transform your approach to workplace safety and propel your career and your organizations to the next level.

Why Attend? 
  • Elevate Your Leadership Skills: Acquire the essential tools and strategies to become a safety leader who inspires change, fosters a culture of safety, and drives continuous improvement. Learn from renowned industry experts who have successfully transformed organizations and achieved exceptional safety records.

  • Invaluable Insights: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest advancements in safety practices, and regulations. Gain  insights into industry trends and best practices, equipping you with the knowledge to create innovative safety programs that meet the ever-evolving demands of the modern workplace.

  • Hands-On Workshops: Immerse yourself in interactive workshops led by seasoned safety experts. Develop practical skills through real-world scenarios, case studies, and group exercises. Leave with tangible takeaways and actionable strategies that you can implement immediately upon returning to your organization.

  • Networking Opportunities: Mingle with like-minded safety leaders and professionals from diverse industries. Forge meaningful connections, exchange ideas, and tap into a vast network of safety experts, mentors, and potential collaborators. The power of networking knows no bounds!

  • Personal Growth and Inspiration: Discover the untapped potential within yourself as a safety leader. Enhance your emotional intelligence, communication skills, and decision-making abilities. Unleash your leadership potential and ignite a passion for safety that will radiate throughout your organization.

Seminar Program
Session One
The Foundation and the Limits of Compliance
  • Affirm the value of a robust compliance program
  • Discover how to go beyond compliance to ownership
  • Learn how to move beyond legal compliance to moral responsibility
  • Adopt strategies which allow you to approach safety as more than a business liability.
  • Turn Safety into the foundation for building a great business
Session Two
A Report from the Frontlines of Safety Leadership
  • Hear first person accounts of lessons written in blood
  • Learn lessons which allow you to avoid the pain of lessons written in blood
  • Discover how to build a safety team that allows you to “sleep at night”
  • Replace Watch-Catch-Punish with Own-Correct-Learn
Session Three
Learning to Lead a Great Business Based on Safety
  • Discover the Four indispensable rules for leading safe outcomes
  • Understand the Biggest Barrier to leading safe outcomes.
  • Learn how to lead your team to lead themselves to safe outcomes
  • Unleash your teams potential to be great!

SafePath Seminar Highlights 

  • Dynamic Keynote Presentations by Visionary Safety Leaders
  • Interactive Workshops and Simulation Exercises
  • Real-Life Case Studies and Success Stories
  • Insights into Risk Assessment and Hazard Mitigation Strategies
  • Strategies for Developing a Resilient Safety Culture
  • Tools for Effective Incident Management and Investigation
  • Techniques to Foster Safety Ownership and Empower Employees in Safety Initiatives
  • Key Principles to Achieve Safety Excellence
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Don't miss this golden opportunity to unlock your safety leadership potential! Limited spots are available for our exclusive 2-day Residential Safety Leadership Seminar.

James Ward

EHS Director, Birmingham Fastener

"My expectation for the seminar was to learn some tactical tools and strategic tools to change our (safety) culture in a way that would help us reach a zero injury workplace.
The SafePath Seminar was
100% worth my time"

Cindy Kostelecky-Smith

Jim House & Associates / President, Birmingham Aero-Club

"What was really unique about the SafePath Seminar is the way that it was structured. I was able to spend time and discuss real problems with my peer group and also be able to have the stories and the graphs provided. It all made sense. I could take that information and really utilize it."


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