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Leading Safe Outcomes

Team of Experts


Ken Chapman and Tony Orlowski have spent a combined 80+ years working inside industrial settings in the US, Canada, Mexico, and on multiple continents. Those combined experiences include their viewpoints of engineer, front-line supervisor, manager, general manager, executive, consultant, industrial psychologist, as well as other roles and perspectives over the decades. Now they are together offering insights in both the form of a book and in-person educational opportunities leveraging "Safety Beyond The Numbers."


Their experiences demonstrate that normal workplace safety programs and processes most often hit a 'ceiling'. This ceiling may meet the minimum goal of what is sometimes 'acceptable' with safety numbers, but where the health and safety of your team members are at stake, achievements possible beyond the ceiling are possible as the ceiling can be broken. Tony and Ken show how to break through that normal acceptable ceiling using proven strategies they've both deployed and lead successfully.

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