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How To Achieve Workplace Safety Goals Beyond What's "Acceptable"
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The Authors

Ken Chapman and Tony Orlowski have spent a combined 80+ years working inside industrial settings in the US, Canada, Mexico, and on multiple continents. Those combined experiences include their viewpoints of engineer, front-line supervisor, manager, general manager, executive, consultant, industrial psychologist, as well as other roles and perspectives over the decades. Now they are together offering insights in both the form of a book and in-person educational opportunities leveraging "Safety Beyond The Numbers."


Their experiences demonstrate that normal workplace safety programs and processes most often hit a 'ceiling'. This ceiling may meet the minimum goal of what is sometimes 'acceptable' with safety numbers, but where the health and safety of your team members are at stake, achievements possible beyond the ceiling are possible as the ceiling can be broken. Tony and Ken show how to break through that normal acceptable ceiling using proven strategies they've both deployed and lead successfully.

Learn more about each author:

Ken Chapman, Ph.D. Bio

Tony Orlowski, P.E., MBA Bio

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In the press



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Podcast Interview with Dr. Ken Chapman

by Alec Harvey

Business Alabama Podcast

Services & Events

SafePath Solutions, Inc. offer a number of workplace services including on-site safety consulting, on-site safety cultural transformation processes, as well as periodic seminars.

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April 10-12, 2023
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April 10-12, 2023


Chateau Elan,

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Related Resources:

The book is complete and is currently being produced as an e-book, a print book, and an audio book. The link to each will be provided on the homepage as the book is released in each format. Prior to the release, we recommend you check out these resources:


This is a related Modern Casting Magazine article jointly written by book authors Dr. Ken Chapman and Tony Orlowski in 2019:


-Text Version

-Audio Version


Here is a 24-minute podcast interview with Tony Orlowski about SafePath:

- "Safety Beyond The Numbers" on Brain Chatter podcast

Click below for a 24 minute podcast interview with Ken Chapman about SafePath:

- "Safety Beyond The Numbers" on Business Alabama Podcast with Alec Harvey

Below is the registration form for the seminar:


-Online Registration Form

Real-Life Lessons:

Below is an article provided to stimulate dialogue in an effort to lead to better outcomes. Consider the subsequent questions about the article's contents.


ARTICLE: CBC News (Canada) "'I'm not God,' [company] president says in response to workplace deaths at plant" 


While there are certainly more details to this story than the article includes, based on the information in the article, consider these questions:


1) What would you have done differently as this company president, if anything?

2) What do you assess as the underlying problem(s) at this plant?

3) What impact is the president's perspective presented in this article likely to have on company morale, culture, and safety? 

ARTICLE: via The News Courier, From a Federal Court Press Release "Alabama Company Pleads Guilty to 2017 Worker Death"

1) How could leadership have avoided this situation?

2) Many employers can probably think of a similar situation they currently have in their own plant, and most probably think it is not their problem – just employee misconduct. Where does this thinking lead?

3) What is the impact likely to be on this company going forward for the next 10-20 years?

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