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What is SafePath
and Safety Beyond The Numbers?

Introduction to SafePath

The Value of Compliance and the Value-Add of Ownership

The first thing you should do when building your safety system is make sure you have robust, written compliance programs which meet OSHA standards. Compliance is the foundation upon which you will build a sustainable system. However, if excellence is your goal, compliance will not be enough. Achieving excellence will be determined by what drives your safety system.

If you have robust compliance programs only to satisfy OSHA, then your safety outcomes will most likely fall within an “acceptable” range. OSHA will accept injury rates that fall at or below your industry average, and your boss will probably accept those results as well. But in such a system, the critical question is: “Who has the best (safety) interests of your employees in mind?” If not you, then where do your interests lie? The answer is, they probably reside in avoiding the consequences of a regulatory watch/catch/punish system. And your employees are likewise motivated, not to watch out for their safety, but to lie low in a similar watch/catch/punish system administered by you. This is not a foundation for excellence.

However, if you are motivated by a desire for no one to ever be injured in your workplace, then a robust compliance system is no longer an avoidance tool, but a means to that end. You put the programs in place that OSHA requires because it’s the right thing to do, plus you add other programs that are not specifically required, but that are critical to achieving your goal of excellence. This solid “compliance” foundation, based on company ownership, allows you to create an environment where employee ownership is supported and expected.

The company owns compliance, and employees own safe choices.

The stark difference between these two systems is illustrated below.

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