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SafePath Services

SafePath Solutions, LLC. offer a number of workplace services including on-site safety consulting, on-site safety cultural transformation processes, and periodic seminars.

To learn more about the philosophy and background on SafePath in general, please visit About SafePath

On-Site Safety Consulting

SafePath will come to your location for consultations to evaluate and determine what may be causing your existing safety compliance program to 'hit a ceiling' or 'experience an unanticipated reversal'. Compliance programs are vital and yet until an 'ownership' culture is in-place and built on top of compliance, your compliance will always have severe limitations. By ownership culture, we mean one where each individual owns their own safety and the safety of those around them on an active and daily basis.


On-Site Safety Culture Transformation Processes

SafePath can organize and facilitate custom on-site delivery of a culture transformation process from top to bottom in your organization. This is not code for brainwashing or forced-fed corporate risk mitigation directives. This means offering and facilitating the buy-in and adoption of common-sense strategies to everyone in your organization, starting with the top and going down, to achieve what everyone wants at the end of each workday. That is, everyone who works here gets to go home alive to their loved ones, without injury, every single day. SafePath starts with an analysis of your company's 'cultural document'. In it, should be an outline and definition of your mission, vision, values, principals, behavioral principals, etc. Are they actually outlined and defined, and are they meaningful, connected with reality, and is the organization meeting them? We then align what we deliver to be custom-tailored to your cultural document. The end result will be an 'it is safe to keep me safe' culture, where everyone has everyone else's back, whether it is the first day team member reminding the CEO to put on his hard hat, or the 6-month team member stopping a job that appears unsafe without losing 60 seconds by asking the 20-year veteran first. And the only correct response for either of those examples of someone trying to keep someone else safe is 'thank you' followed by the correct action. It has to start at the top, with the top first 'walking the walk' and it takes time and won't be easy. Building an 'ownership' culture pays immense dividends through the results it offers with its critical impact on safety, sustainability, as well as on internal leadership development. In fact, it is a top priority for the moral leader who cares about the lives of those they work with. We are here to help. Contact us for more information.



SafePath hosts and facilitates periodic residential seminars based on the 2022 book "Safety Beyond The Numbers" written by Ken Chapman and Tony Orlowski. Dr. Chapman is a 40+ year industrial psychologist whose career has been spent working in heavy industry (factories, power generation plants, etc.) and Tony Orlowski, an engineer-turned-foundry executive whose career has always been at the front lines of heavy industry. The residential seminar is a blend of useful and practical strategies presented by the experts, as well as plentiful opportunities to interact and idea-share among participants who are also leaders in their organizations and industries. This is not the sort of seminar where you fall asleep. It is a fast-paced interactive and interesting learning environment. You will depart with new insights, new information, new ideas, very practical and applicable strategies you can apply on day-one back at your facilities, and new professional relationships. Learn more about attending a SafePath Seminar. 


Speaking Engagements

Tony Orlowski and Ken Chapman, as well as others associated with SafePath, are sometimes invited to be keynote or industry conference speakers. Contact us if you have an opportunity for which they would be good fit. 

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